UX quick test – user testing interview!

Hey there!
As you might know from my bio this blog is born as a project for my college, where I am now busy studying Web design.

…and do you remember as a kid those boring classes when you had to focus on listen, listen and listen to the infinite lessons of your teacher? Well, I learned that if you study UX design you can actually have fun while increasing your skills!

Trying to put in practice the theory we studied about user testing, we did a short and fun exercise I am today bringing you so that you can easily repeat it at home! Disclaimer: it’s safe, don’t need to worry!

User testing interview exercise


Redesign the product(wallet) finding smart solutions to the troubles one guy explains in a video about his one.


  • A screen where to watch the video
  • A paper
  • Any pen or pencil


  • Watch the following video:
  • Write down 3 short sentences trying to catch what you think are the most precious features that his wallet or a general wallet should have to be functional.
  • Divide your plain paper into 4 parts and fill each space with a solution idea for the problem you think is the main (( This is personal, and you might find several possible answers which are correct – although there is one that stands out more than the others )). All the four ideas must solve the same problem.
  • Choose just one from your four purposes and explain in 30 seconds the reasons for your choice.


  • Do it quick! If you spend too much time doing it you lose the fun.
  • Think out of the box! Don’t give yourself any social, cultural, technological limits.
  • Squeeze your brain! …But we always do it, don’t we? 😀

Here my own solutions

The main problem the class found in the video is the loss of important documents and cards when the wallet stretched its shape because of the previous use. 
So, here we go:

Number 1:

wallet solution idea 1

A simple elastic is positioned in a side of the wallet: meant to give extra space for receipts or temporary paper.
Why: The wallet doesn’t lose the shape and keeps its traditional appearance so everybody already knows how to use it.

Number 2:

wallet solution idea 2

In one of the inner side of the wallet, there is a touchscreen display which scans and shows business cards, recipes, etc. It works as a slider and the search bar allows you to easily navigate through your pictures.
Why: It avoids the deforming of the wallet caused by the collection of several documents, keeping the important info.

Number 3:

wallet solution idea 3

A zip all around the edges of the wallet.
Why: it’s easy to use, won’t allow any losses. The wallet can be filled with everything and there is no more problem of shape loss.

Number 4 (my worst idea ever):

wallet solution idea 4

A wallet with an extra pocket for cards linked together through snap-hook.
Why: Give extra space but is removable when not needed.

My final choice was NUMBER 3!
In addition to what already said, it is cheap and doesn’t require any further design study, so that it can immediately be launched on the market.

How was it? Did you find the exercise interesting?
Do you know of any other test which can be useful for the designers’ community?

Let me know with a comment your solutions and share your feedback!

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