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UXing Argos.ie Mobile: Empathy Maps

From the analysis of my qualitative research -find it in the previous post- I was able to create two empathy maps filled with the information I got from my interviewees. Putting those together, helped me to clarify a general vision of what shopping online means, and what is essential for it. The empathy map based on Valerio's … Continue reading UXing Argos.ie Mobile: Empathy Maps

UXing Argos.ie Mobile: Qualitative Research

Find below my qualitative research for Argos.ie mobile listed step by step; use it as a practical example of the theory I fully explain in my Quantitative VS Qualitative research post. I believe in innovation and that the way you get innovation is you fund research and you learn the basic facts.Bill Gates - thanks to … Continue reading UXing Argos.ie Mobile: Qualitative Research


Quantitative VS Qualitative Research

At the very beginning of a design project journey, there is always a research phase, which will help on finding what is really worth to be designed or fixed for a specific product.Start gathering as much information as possible in term of: numeric data, through a quantitative research on a chosen target, problem, etc.people thoughts, with a qualitative research which … Continue reading Quantitative VS Qualitative Research