UXing Argos.ie Mobile: Kickstart!

– A new series’ coming
As my college first period is almost over, it is time for exams! Thus, Argos.ie mobile will be the study case for my first term assessment, and the subject of a series of articles where I will go through all the UX design process with the aim of delivering a new brand platform!

Why Argos?

Argos is a company focused on selling home’s and personal’s goods (their range of choice is pretty wide) to private customers. They have stores with huge stockrooms for their customers who can buy in-store or online.
Being myself a habitual user of their website, the choice was actually natural; and even if the pc is often my favorite option when I need to look for products online, the mobile version is pretty much essential on road, when I just get 10 minutes of free time but no other screen apart from it.

Essentially, I found myself in trouble more than once because I didn’t understand how to use their website, and the frustration was at its high top!

As a web designer student, I already got few ideas on what I would have liked to improve just navigating a few times; however, this is the perfect chance to go deep on research and prototype a product based on real user needs

What to improve and how?

These are the main questions that occur when you start a new project!
And thanks to a lot of very good people, who worked hard to make our life better, we have got today plenty of different strategies which allow us to find valuable information in every situation.

Therefore, I am going to use the Design Thinking methods (you find more info about it in this article); not all of those though – their flexibility is the best part! It allows us to use just the perfect tool for the specific situation and avoid wasting time.

The next articles will be focused on emphatizing (i.e. the research part) which is the very beginning of this journey.

So, now let’s start!

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