UXing Argos.ie mobile: Users Testing

Now the time where I bet everything…!
A long long LONG process brought me to create a new design for Argos.ie mobile, and finally, I come to test it!

Honestly, I have been pretty nervous about this phase of the process since the beginning. It felt like I was gambling on my way to think about the project, giving as a price all my resources and all my effort.
But, it was surprisingly fun! Every single moment of the testing sessions was extremely interesting and eventually, I was able to appreciate this part of the process too.

After discovered, thanks to a classmate, a tool to record video, audio, face, and touch from mobile (I am talking about the powerful DU Recorder) I asked two friends of mine to be the testers of the sessions of use on the prototype (which I have talked about in my previous post).

The sessions were guided through a script in which I informed my users about the nature of the testing and I asked them to complete two tasks in the current website of Argos.ie mobile at first and then on my prototype.

The script

#1 Introduction

Hello [name of the user],
Welcome and thank you for coming to this user testing session.
As you know, I am now working to improve some functionalities on Argos website for mobile, so I invited you today for a session of use, which is a part of the process to understand if the site works as intended.

  1. I am gonna walk you through all the time, and if you have any question during the process I will be glad to answer to those at the end; in fact, I won’t be able to tell you what to do exactly because this is how I can understand where functionalities problems might be.

  2. As you use the site I would like you to think out loud on what you like or not, what you are trying to accomplish, or whatever is in your mind at that moment.

  3. Just to let you know, I am testing the design and not you! There won’t be any right or wrong answer to this.

  4. Finally, you are going to navigate in a prototype (= a fake website which looks real). It isn’t real and some of the links or buttons might now be working.  Please bear it if you can. Please remember to slow down your movement a little because of the recorder tool.

  5. I also need your approval to publish online the record of this session, in particular, the screen and your voice. Is that ok for you?

Any question?

#2 Introductory question

  1. Did you know Argos? Have you ever bought online with them? If yes, by pc or by smartphone?

#3 Test structure

  • Argos mobile website.
  • Argos mobile website prototype.

#4 Tasks

  • Finally the amazing new! You found a cozy house where to move in soon. You need a new sofa and a friend of yours suggested to you her own one that she found in Argos quite while ago.
    The name of the sofa is Jenna, and you decide to have a look online for more info.


  • Then you realize you need also some extra storage for your house, but you want something nice! Something which is possible to sit on and also empty inside to fill it with random stuff. Your budget is €20, the color match grey, so let’s have a look.

User Test with Cecilia

User Test with Enrico

It looks like there was a moment where the microphone was covered and it didn’t give the chance to record the audio. Sorry about that!

Final analysis

#1 The current Argos.ie mobile

Most of the test went as expected:

  • Cecilia had problems finding the items I asked her to, because:
    1. she couldn’t find the menu where all the categories are
    2. she was stuck on looking at the brief list of categories on the homepage, that is meant to just highlight the best-sellers
  • She also felt lost for most of the time during the navigation for several reasons:
    1. the full-screen view confused her and forced her also to zoom in/out to read a series of information, not enough highlighted
    2. she thought the website was going to ask her for a registration she actually doesn’t need at that specific moment
    3. the categories are not showing all the results available for the specific section unless you filter the list (that suggests an improper use of the filter widget)
  • Enrico misunderstood a few info about the product he found, because of the tiny size of text on the full-size screen (zoom in/out).
  • He also thought he had to sign in to put an item in the trolley -but that’s not true.
  • As well as Cecilia, he was stuck on the navigation of the categories.
  • Finally, the filters totally confused him.

New relevant issues not defined before

Must be added an indicator at the bottom of the list which can suggest how many pages of products are available (and preferably gives the chance to move between those).

Must be added an indicator of the total numbers of products in the current section you are navigating.

The filters buttons must be placed in a more relevant position (he purposed sticky on the top of the page).

#2 My own prototype

Going through the session, I could realize that this has got a few design trouble too:

What is working

  • The categories are now self-explanatory and easy to read. They managed to find the items they were looking for immediately.
  • The “Pick-up in store” info immediately placed after the title help to understand the type of service they can get for the article.
  • “Check stock availability” button makes easy to understand there is a step more before reserving the item.
  • The “out of stock info” showed immediately on the product thumbnail is useful when matched with the chance to be advised about the restock.
  • “Send me a notice” button on the “out of stock” products do work.

What must be improved again

  • The “Browse all categories” button and the hamburger menu are
    not enough highlighted: I tried to respect the original structure of the menu, but actually, this one needs to be fixed making it more visible.
  • The disposition of the pins’ info in the map must be improved because not enough visible.
  • As well, the extended info of the activated pin must be improved, giving the chance to read about the availability over the “order now button” and make the user understand that the item is out-of-stock in the store, but still, it is given the chance to order it and get in a few days.
  • The name of the JENNA sofa is covered with the “out of stock” white background (hard to see).
  • The pins in the map are not enough visible.

So the moment of truth:
Not everything is working as intended!

Now I am able to discern what is good in the new design from what needs to be reviewed, and I can do that before irrationally spending resources on useless functionalities…Can you see the advantages?

We finally are at the end of the process – I am not going to fix and implement what is left, because the main reason of this series is to show the design process, and not to complete what started.
Hope you enjoyed the journey with Argos.ie mobile and me!
Also, please let me know if you have any suggestions for future projects 🙂

[ See you soon with other UX-nerd topics ] 

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