“Japanese Boot Camp” APP: Side Story

After we explored the technologies, the design process and the development implied on the creation of "Japanese Boot Camp"...What to say more about it? Easy peasy! What I liked about learning and using React, what I didn't, what I would do differently if I had to start all over again and what will be the … Continue reading “Japanese Boot Camp” APP: Side Story

“Japanese Boot Camp” APP: React Development

If you have come here, you might have already read my previous post about Japanese Boot Camp APP design, and you already know which are the features expected in the project.So, without further delay, let's start with the code! At first, I created all the structure of the application with "npx" (i.e. a "package runner … Continue reading “Japanese Boot Camp” APP: React Development

“Japanese Boot Camp” App: Technologies & First Ideas

Introduction Second trimester of the school, second Javascript project.As for Music Battle Game, we where required to design and develop a Single Page Application (SPA); this time though, we were free to select any API from a free marketplace online. Technologies API The API I have choosen from RapidAPI website is about a topic really … Continue reading “Japanese Boot Camp” App: Technologies & First Ideas