“Japanese Boot Camp” APP: Side Story

After we explored the technologies, the design process and the development implied on the creation of “Japanese Boot Camp”…What to say more about it?

Easy peasy!
What I liked about learning and using React, what I didn’t, what I would do differently if I had to start all over again and what will be the future of the app.
Curious to know? Keep reading until the end đŸ˜€

React, react…

Maybe one of the biggest question mark of my life after Javascript (LOL, just kidding).
But, I won’t lie saying that the learning curve was the most traditional one.

At first, just get a grip on the use of the keyword “this” requires an extensive flexibility of your brain synapsis.
And by that I mean, it is easier -at least from my personal experience- focus the attention on just the details while coding, squeezing the neurons over “that particular function or variable which is not working as intended”, but React forces you to constantly have a general vision of what your application is, where the data are at every step of the process and how they flow inside the app. No other ways.

I wasn’t a big fan of it at the beginning since it was pushing me out of my consolidated practice of coding, but it was worth once I got the benefits of its use.

There is something I could have done better…

And that’s, for sure, studying the documentation deeper in order to better understand the nature of components.
In fact, I feel like I haven’t fully taken advantage of what React’s components have to offer.
In any case, I am sure that confidence comes with the time (which I am sure I will spend more on building some new project).

Also, the UI is pretty lame. All the potential of the app isn’t really expressed using the fonts and the logo I have choosen to display.

“Japanese Boot Camp” APP future

In a ideal world, I would like to implement one by one all the features mentioned in the previous articles, making the app fully working and testing if it can be useful to real users.

Then -I was dreaming- why not to ask Tofugu team to give me feedback about my app?
They are, in fact, involved in creating online tools for Japanese learning; so who’s better than them to give me honest opinions?

And that is really all from Japanese Boot Camp.
Hope you enjoyed the journey and see you to next article!

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