UXing Argos.ie Mobile: Tasks flow and Decision Matrix

In the last post, we faced the Users Personas method, in which I defined who are the targeted customers of Argos.ie, mobile version.All the improvements I am going to point out in this article are thought for Philip, Barbara, and Annette together, respecting each specific needs. Also, I have already talked a lot about Argos … Continue reading UXing Argos.ie Mobile: Tasks flow and Decision Matrix


Quantitative VS Qualitative Research

At the very beginning of a design project journey, there is always a research phase, which will help on finding what is really worth to be designed or fixed for a specific product.Start gathering as much information as possible in term of: numeric data, through a quantitative research on a chosen target, problem, etc.people thoughts, with a qualitative research which … Continue reading Quantitative VS Qualitative Research