Ranelagh Take Away: Rebrand + Website

You might consider this post aside of what I usually publish in here, however, it has been a while since I am in the web design field, so I thought it could be useful to share my way to approach a new project which involves the rebrand of a small business and the design/code of … Continue reading Ranelagh Take Away: Rebrand + Website

UXing Argos.ie Mobile: The Proposal

Do you know that horrible moment when, after everything you have done and all the effort and love put in your project, you also need to sell it? Don't you? Well, that's the case, so here we go.You find below a series of few slides where I try all my best to explain why Argos … Continue reading UXing Argos.ie Mobile: The Proposal

UXing Argos.ie Mobile: Tasks flow and Decision Matrix

In the last post, we faced the Users Personas method, in which I defined who are the targeted customers of Argos.ie, mobile version.All the improvements I am going to point out in this article are thought for Philip, Barbara, and Annette together, respecting each specific needs. Also, I have already talked a lot about Argos … Continue reading UXing Argos.ie Mobile: Tasks flow and Decision Matrix


Quantitative VS Qualitative Research

At the very beginning of a design project journey, there is always a research phase, which will help on finding what is really worth to be designed or fixed for a specific product.Start gathering as much information as possible in term of: numeric data, through a quantitative research on a chosen target, problem, etc.people thoughts, with a qualitative research which … Continue reading Quantitative VS Qualitative Research